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Updated March 2009.  I'm here everybody!  Little old me, Julia Claire Milz, formerly known for a VERY LONG TIME as "Baby Girl Milz" made a grand entrance into the world on March 6th at 12:30pm at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center (I was born on 3-6-9 -- cool!).  They say I was a pretty big baby -- 9 pounds, 6 ounces, 21 inches long.  I am sure glad my Mommy and Daddy finally came up with a name for me.  From what Gramma, Grandpa and Pop tell me, my name wasn't final until I was already here for two days!  What a couple of slackers...

Well there's not a whole lot to tell just yet.  Everything is pretty good with me.  My arrival was pretty smooth.  My Grandpa and Pop were waiting for me at the hospital and my Gramma brought my brother to see me later in the day.  We all had a pretty good time at the hospital.  Mommy and Daddy say the nurses there are really nice.

So, these days I like to sleep a lot, eat, and poop a lot (tons more than my big brother Jacob).  Speaking of that guy, I'm not sure what to think of him yet.  He seems pretty cool, but he did whack me with a blanket a few times and I saw a toy saw coming at me the other day.  I'm sure that was just an accident... yeah, an accident.  I've been out on a couple trips already -- a few trips to see Doctor Krist, shopping with Mommy and Gramma and one time to church.  I'm getting baptised in a couple of weeks and I hear that everyone is coming to see me (from PA, Texas, and Alabama).  Rumor is that brother dude is having a birthday party the day before, but we all know everyone is coming to see me.  They're just trying to make him feel good...

Well, gotta run.  My bouncer is calling my name.  Nap time!

About Julia

Full Name
Julia Claire Milz

March 6th, 2009 at 12:30pm

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Favorite Foods
Mommy's Milk

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to Do

Sleep!  I sleep a lot!

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