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The Milz Family Chronicles 2008 

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bullet January.  We went to PA over the MLK holiday weekend to help Steve's dad with
a lot of things.  What a busy weekend -- from running around on errands to doing
a lot of cleanout at the house.  While were in PA, we got together with Steve
Aunt Millie (Jim's sister) and Uncle John and Steve's two cousins -- Missy and
Becky -- and their families.  We had a great time!
bullet February.  We were actually home most of the month of February believe it or not.
We did visit Peggy's folks in Gulf Shores for a weekend.  That was only the second
time Jake's been to gramma and grandpa's house, so the visit was long overdue. 
Steve was supposed to go TDY to DC and we were supposed to visit Chicago, but
those trips were put off.  Steve did a lot of work in the backyard, hoping to lay sod
later in the Spring.  Peggy did take a quick trip in February - a overnighter in
Orlando for an ASQ meeting.
bullet March 7th thru 9th.  The three of us met Steve's dad Jim in Atlanta to celebrate
his birthday (a little early).  While where we went to the Georgia Aquarium and the
new World of Coke.  We ate at the Clubhouse -- one of Peggy's favorite restaurants in Chicago which happens to also be in Atlanta.  Despite it being really cold (it snowed on Saturday!), we had a great time.
bullet March.  Jacob started swimming lessons at the Niceville YMCA.  It's more "water familiarization" than swimming lessons, but he did OK.  He's not a real fan of being on his back and the concept of kicking isn't coming to him very well, but all in all, he did OK.  It was nice because our friends Moni and Carrie had their daughter Adeline (6 days younger than Jake) in lessons too.
bullet March 11th.  Our second wedding anniversary!
bullet March 12th thru 14th.  Steve went to Washington DC for a business trip.
bullet March 17th and 18th.  Peggy went to Dallas for an ASQ meeting.
bullet March 19th thru 21st.  Peggy's cousin Vicki, her daughter Kaelyn, Vicki's friend Mary Carol and her son Jared came to visit for a couple days.  They had been in Orlando and stopped by to see us (ok, mainly Jake) on their way home. 
bullet March 22nd and 23rd.  Easter weekend in Gulf Shores.
bullet April.  April started with Jacob on "spring break" when daycare was closed.  Gramma came over to watch him for the week.
bullet April 4th to 8th.  The Milz/Krieg/Hoover clan came to visit for a few days.  Of course, it was mostly for Jake's first birthday.
bullet April 5th.  Jacob's first birthday!  Can you believe it's been a whole year already?  There are times when it feels like it's been 10 years, but the 12 months definitely did go by quickly.  We had a nice party, despite some heavy rain, with about 30 folks in attendance.
bullet April 8th.  Steve took Peggy to see the musical "RENT" (her favorite show) at Okaloosa-Walton College.  Not quite Broadway-quality, but a good show nonetheless.
bullet April 17th.  Last day of swim lessons at the YMCA.
bullet April 18th to 22nd.  Our spring trip to Chicago.  Jake wasn't as good of a flyer he has been in the past, but all in all he was pretty good.  Of course we had a great time, seeing a lot of Peggy's friends.  Jacob also got his first haircut while were in Chicago!
bullet May 17th to 25th.  Vacation in San Diego!  Our first family vacation and Peggy and Steve's first real vacation since their honeymoon.  We spent a week in San Diego.  We were a little concerned with Jake on the long flights, but he did pretty good.  During out visit, San Diego has unseasonable weather -- it was real hot the first few days and cold and rainy the last few.  But we managed to do and see everything we wanted to.  We visited a number of museums in Balboa Park, the USS Midway aircraft carrier museum, the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park (twice!).  We all had a great time and would go back in a heartbeat.  Jake actually got to go into the Pacific Ocean before he's been in the Gulf of Mexico!
bullet June.  Steve has taken on "webmaster" duties and become a board member for the shooting range he goes to in Cantonment, so he now has a few more "additional duties" to take care of.
bullet June.  Peggy's dad Bill had hip replacement surgery at the beginning of the month, so we went to Gulf Shores on Father's Day weekend.  We left late Saturday though because unfortunately our pastor at church, Rev John Bonner, left for a new job and Father's Day was his last weekend with us!  We certainly wanted to be there to wish him well. 
bullet June 15th to 19th.  Peggy volunteered to teach at Vacation Bible School at Trimity UMC, so her days were pretty busy -- drop off Jake at daycase, go to work, pickup Jake and meet Steve to "kid swap", then spend a few hours at church each night.  All this means Steve and Jake had a lot of time together that week!
bullet June 27th.  Jake had minor surgery for a hydrocele that needed to be fixed.  So off we went to Sacred Heart in Pensacola (Gramma Joan's birthday!) for outpatient surgery.  Everything went A-OK.  Jake was a little "peeved" for about an hour after surgery as the anesthesia was wearing off (and because he was hooked up to all sorts of tubes and wires), but by that evening he was back to his normal self.  You couldn't even tell he had surgery except for the IV tube bruise on his hand and the bandage over the scar area.
bullet July 3rd to 7th.  Lots of visitors at the Milz house!  Peggy's cousin Vicki and her daughter Kaelyn, plus Vicki and Peggy's friend Mary Carol and her two boys, Jared and Jacob, came to visit from Texas for the long holiday weekend.  We went to Pensacola for the 4th of July.  Our friend Jody holds a holiday party every year at his office, which is right on Pensacola Bay where they shoot off the fireworks.  Jacob LOVED the fireworks.  We were a little afraid that the bangs might scare him, but he really enjoyed them.  On Saturday the 5th, the gang's friend Maggie came from Tallahassee to join the festivities and Peggy's mom and Aunt Sally came over from Gulf Shores to spend time with Vicki and Kaelyn.  It was quite the crowd at the Milz residence!
bullet July 9th and 10th.  Steve went to Washington DC for a business trip.  His friend Kevin and his family recently moved to the DC area and Steve was able to go over their house for dinner.  It was a short visit but great to see them again!
bullet July 18th to 20th.  Peggy's annual Girls' Trip, this time to Houston for a long weekend.  Not sure what all happened... what goes on Girls' Trip, stays on Girls' Trip...
bullet July 21st to 25th.  Daycare was closed the last full week of July, so Gramma and Grandpa were over to watch Jake for the week. 
bullet July 26th to 29th.  Steve's annual trip to Indy for the Brickyard 400.  As usual, he met up with his Dad in Indy.  As fortune would have it, Steve also needed to go TDY to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio, so he worked it to stay in the Dayton area right after the race.  He and his Dad spent the 28th in Dayton, visiting the Air Force Museum and meeting up with Steve's friends Mike and Lisa for dinner.  Dad headed back to PA on the 29th while Steve went to work at the base, flying back home that night (barely -- more travel nightmares!)
bullet August 4th to 7th.  Steve went to California on a business trip to visit a couple Navy bases -- Point Mugu and China Lake (which is out in the middle of nowhere!)
bullet August 9th.  We attended the wedding of Steve's friend Kevin's step-daughter Angela.  It was nice to get to visit with Kevin and Laurie and their families.

August 18th.  Peggy's birthday!!!  Uncle Seth came over to watch Jake while Mom and Dad went out to celebrate Mom's birthday.  Well, the best laid plans often go astray.  We planned to see a movie and go out for a nice dinner at Fleming's steakhouse.  About 10 minutes after leaving the house we were rear-ended while waiting at a traffic light!  No injuries thank heavens, but some damage to the car (our 98 Honda, not the 4Runner).  After waiting the the FL Highway Patrol to come do an accident report, we missed our original movie.  We did manage to see a different flick and make our original dinner plans.  Not the best way to celebrate a birthday though!

bullet August 30th to September 2nd.  Labor Day came early this year and Peggy's friend Liz and her daughter Kate came up from the Tampa area to visit us.  Of course it also looked like Hurricane Gustav was going to visit the Louisiana/Alabama area, so Peggy's mom, dad and brother Seth came to our place to avoid any potential storm impact.  Fortunately the storm stayed to the west, but we definitely had a house full for the holiday weekend.
bullet September 5th...  some sad news from Florida.  We lost our dog Riley on Friday, September 5th.  At 16½ years old, Riley just wasn't doing very well anymore.  He wasn't getting around very well, was disoriented quite a bit, and was messing in the house on a frequent basis.  We came to the tough decision that it was time to let him go.  Needless to say that was a rough and very sad decision.
bullet September 22nd and 23rd.  Steve went to Fort Worth, Texas for a business trip.  His sister and her family moved to the Dallas area earlier in the summer, so Steve was able to go visit them the night he arrived!
bullet September.  Big news!  Jake is going to be a big brother!  We've known for a little while, but as we did when we were pregnant with Jake, we held off until all the tests came back OK.  Everything is looking good for Jake to have a little sister in early March!
bullet September 28th to October 6th.  Steve's dad Jim came to visit us.  He drove down for PA and spend a week hanging out with us.  We had a great time and even managed to get a garage project accomplished while he was here.  We also attended Peggy's company picnic.
bullet October 5th.  Jake's 18 months old today!
bullet October 28th and 29th.  Steve and Peggy's dad Bill went to Atlanta to Great Big Sea (a Celtic rock band from Newfoundland) in concert.  This was the second time we saw them (at the same place in Little Five Points).
bullet November 4th.  Steve's birthday!!!  We went to a movie and dinner (no accident this time!)
bullet November 14th.  Peggy and her friend Brandi went to see the So You Think You Can Dance show at the Pensacola Civic Center.
bullet November 26th to 30th.  We spent Thanksgiving in Gulf Shores.  While there we did a bunch of shopping, including what is hopefully our one and only trip to Babies R Us in Mobile getting stuff for Baby Girl Milz.  We also took Jake down to the beach to try to get some pictures for our Christmas card, but it was WAY windy, Jake wouldn't wear the Santa hat, and the photos didn't work out all that well.
bullet December 9th to 11th.  Steve went to California on a business trip.
bullet December 20th.  We went to see the ZooLights at the Gulf Breeze zoo with the Braxton's -- Jody, Stacy, and Lily.  The kids had a great time, especially feeding the animals in the petting zoo.
bullet Christmas 2008.  This year Christmas was at our house for all of our families (for the most part).  Steve's family from PA -- his dad Jim, grandmother Mimi, and uncle Frank -- came for nine days, from the 22nd to the 30th.  Peggy's mom and dad and her brother Seth were here for Christmas Eve through the day after Christmas.  Steve's sister Janet, brother-in-law David, and nieces Rachel and Sarah weren't here for Christmas Day but came from Dallas, Texas the day after and were here from the 26th to the 30th.  We all had a wonderful holiday and Jake loved having so many people to play with and get attention from!
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