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Thank You's

First and foremost we would like to thank our parents -- Bill and Joan Bowling and Jim and Mary Ann Milz -- for everything they have done for us throughout our lives and everything they continue to do for us.  We certainly would not be the people we are without them.

Many thanks go out to our wedding attendants...

Peggy's bridesmaids... Kris Finitzer, her maid of honor and best friend from college; Vicki Robison, her matron of honor and cousin; Janet Hoover, her bridesmaid and Steve's sister; Mindy Causa, her bridesmaid and close friend from Chicago; and Bridget Miller, her bridesmaid and close friend from Dallas.

Steve's groomsmen...  Major Kevin Johnson, his best man and close friend from Langley AFB; Larry Stelck, his groomsman and close friend from here at Eglin AFB; David Hoover, his groomsman and brother-in-law; David Cale Bowling, his groomsman and Peggy's brother; and William Seth Bowling, his groomsman and Peggy's brother.

The "junior members" of our wedding party -- our flower girls... Rachel Hoover, Steve's niece, and Kate Ruppert, daughter of Peggy's friend Liz from Tampa; and our ring bearer... Hunter Stelck, son of Steve's friend and groomsman Larry.

It is truly an honor to have you all standing with us at our wedding.

Thanks to everyone at Trinity United Methodist Church for making us feel welcome and for all of their efforts in helping to make our ceremony a blessed and special event, especially Reverend John Bonner, wedding coordinator Deirdra Gary, and music director Kevin Shular.

Our grateful appreciation goes out to everyone who was part of our wedding ceremony.  Thanks to Peggy's sister-in-law Connie Bowling and Peggy's friend from Tampa, Liz Ruppert for their scripture readings; Peggy's cousin and matron of honor Vicki Robison for being our vocalist; Bowling family friend Chris Goeppinger for making our unity candle; Steve's sister Janet Hoover for making the flower girls' hair bows; Mary Carol Hoesel, Amy Pelzl, and Maggi Vanos-Wilson, friends of the bride from Houston, College Station, and Tallahassee respectively, for being our greeters at the ceremony and reception, and special thanks to Peggy's mom Joan for making the flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillow, and Peggy's veil.

We cannot express how much we appreciate everyone who pitched in and helped us out during the wedding weekend.  First and foremost, many kudos to the "girls trip girls" -- Mary Carol Hoesel, Amy Pelzl, and Maggi Vanos-Wilson, who basically took care of all the details in the Oasis over the course of the weekend.  Thanks to Mike Causa and John Miller who "pinch hit" for Steve (who as you probably know was down-for-the-count on Friday).  They ran all sorts of errands and did pretty much anything we needed them to do.  Thanks to Steve's dad Jim Milz, his uncle Frank Krieg and brother-in-law David Hoover who transported tons of stuff from our house to the Oasis on Friday.

A special thanks goes out to all of our service providers.  We thank them for all of their hard work and professionalism which helped to make our day very special and something we will remember forever.  Joe Guidry, Pam Chandler and the staff of the Ramada Plaza Beach Resort; Ed and Donna Morgan of Grand Photography in Milton FL, Craig's Video of Niceville FL, Donna at Bridal's by Yours Truly, our florist Nikole Hassett, our DJ Zoran, and Bay Cakes and Catering of Lillian AL.  More special thanks go out to Peggy's mom Joan for everything she did for our reception, including putting together the centerpieces, addressing the invitations, making our card box, and writing all the place cards.  There are a million other small things Joan did for us that we don't have room to mention.  We'll never be able to thank her enough for all she did!

Heartfelt thanks you's go out to everyone who planned our "pre-wedding festivities"... Peggy's aunt Sally Gedosch and sister-in-law Connie Bowling for the wonderful shower they hosted in Foley, Alabama; Peggy's matron of honor Vicki Robison and maid of honor Kris Finitzer for hosting a bachelorette weekend in Houston and Galveston; Peggy's brother Seth Bowling for arranging a "guy's night out" bachelor party for Steve (even though he nearly killed himself); Steve's dad Jim Milz and his friend from Pennsylvania Ray Mazur for getting poor Steve back home safe (and somewhat sound) after the bachelor party; and finally to Peggy's mom Joan for hosting a bridal luncheon the day of the rehearsal.

Last but certainly not least, a heartfelt "thank you" to all of our friends and family who were able to join us on our special day.  Our wedding certainly would not have been as special without you all in attendance.

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