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The Milz Family Chronicles 2008

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January.  A busy month of getting ready for Baby Jacob.  We made a couple of
trips to Pensacola and Mobile (with overnight stays in Gulf Shores) looking for
nursery furnuture and creating our baby registry at Babies 'R Us.  We also started
to look around for a company to install a swimming pool.


January 22nd to 26th.  Steve went TDY to Point Mugu in Ventura, California on a
business trip.

bullet February 17th.  Peggy's baby shower, hosted by her cousin Vicki, was held on
Saturday the 17th at Jamie's Restaurant in Pensacola.  Unfortunately the blizzard
that hit the northeast prevented Steve's sister Janet and her girls from making it,
but Vicki and her daughter Kaelyn made it in from Texas and Peggy's friends Mindy
(from Chicago) and Maggi (from Tallahassee) were able to join other friends and
family for the big event.  Click here to view photos from the big event.
bullet March 11th.  Our first anniversary!  Can you believe it's been a whole year since our wedding?  We sure did a lot during that year, including moving and getting pregnant.  We wanted to go away for the weekend, but we (and Peggy's doctor) thought that wasn't a good idea (being too far away from home), so we went out for a nice dinner, went to church at Trinity UMC (the site of our ceremony), and had a pretty relaxing weekend.  We even thawed and ate the top layer of our cake -- it was really good!  Revisit our wedding weekend by selecting "Our Wedding" from the "WHAT" menu above.
bullet March 30th.  Georgie Nance, Peggy's co-worker at L-3 Crestview Aerospace, threw a baby shower for Peggy from the folks at work.
bullet April 4th.  Tonight around 9:30pm we went to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center for Peggy to be induced.  Peggy's doctor felt she was ready, so there was no reason to wait another week.  Let's get ready to welcome baby Jacob!
bullet April 5th.  Today we welcomed our son, Jacob Alexander Milz into our family.  He was born via c-section at 6:48pm CDT.  He was 7 pounds, 15 ounces and measured 20 inches.  By the way, Jacob was born on Gramma Joan and Grandpa Bill's anniversary!
bullet April 6th.  Mandalay Pools began work on our inground pool.  Today they started digging a huge hole in our backyard!
bullet April 8th.  On Easter Sunday we brought our little Jacob home from ths hospital  Waiting for him were Gramma Joan and Grandpa Bill plus Uncle Seth and great Aunt Sally.  Of course Riley was also anxiously awaiting his little brother.
bullet April 9th.  Jacob's first pediatrician appointment with Dr. Krist at White-Wilson Medical Center.  Today was also Jacob's first stroller ride when he went with Mom, Dad and Riley for a walk around the neighborhood.
bullet April 11th.  Jacob's first bath!  He wasn't too pleased with the bathing experience, but it wasn't all that bad...
bullet April 13th.  Today they "shot the shell" for our pool.  That is, the actual pool was formed today using blown-in concrete (gunite).  It's taking shape!
bullet May 1st.  The pool was plastered today and filled with water.  We'll be swimming soon!
bullet May 10th.  Rodrigo and his crew finished putting in the brick pavers for our patio today.  It looks great!
bullet May 13th.  Peggy's first Mother's Day!  Her Mom and Dad and Aunt Sally came over for the day.  Additionally, today was the inaugural swim in our pool.  Steve went in but Peggy didn't -- she was feeling a bit under the weather.
bullet May 31st.  Tri-State Industries started the screen enclosure for our swimming pool and patio today.  This is the last part of our pool addition.
bullet June 7th.  Our pool is finished!    Tri-State Industries finished our screen enclosure so the pool area is complete.  Yeah!  The water is up to the mid 80's too, which makes it nice for swimming.
bullet June 8th.  Jacob's two-month doctor appointment and his first round of shots.  According to Dr. Krist, Jake's doing perfectly.  He's in the 50th percentile for weight (13lb 8oz) and 75th percentile for height (23½ inches).  Unfortunately Jake ended up getting poked 5 times instead of 4 due to a needle malfunction, but he took his shots pretty well.  There was a bit of screaming and crying (from Jake and Mom), but he didn't have any adverse effects and was back to his normal self later that day.
bullet June 14th - 19th.  Steve's family from PA came for a visit and to meet Jacob for the first time.  The whole clan was able to come -- Grandma and Pop Pop Milz, Aunt Janet and Uncle David with cousins Rachel and Sarah, Great Uncle Frank, and Great-Grandma Mimi Krieg.  We all had a great time!
bullet June 17th.  Jacob was baptised today by Reverend John Bonner at Trinity UMC.  His godparents are Uncle Seth Bowling and Aunt Janet Hoover.  Afterwards, Mom and Dad hosted a baptism party for family and a few friends at the house.  Today was also Steve's first Father's Day!
bullet June 27th.  Jake's first cold :-(  It wasn't too bad -- just some coughing and congestion.  Dr Krist said nothing to worry about, just baby's first cold!
bullet July 10th and 11th.  Steve had to go TDY to Crystal City (DC).  This was Peggy and Jake's first "solo".  Of course, everything went just fine.
bullet July 14th.  Peggy's uncle Steve (her Mom's brother) and aunt Vicky, along with their three kids, came to visit from South Carolina.  They were visiting her folks in Gulf Shores for a few days and came over to visit us for the day.  Peggy hadn't seen them in a long time, and of course Steve never met anyone but Vicky (at the wedding).  A short but nice visit.
bullet July 20th.  Oh no... a double ear infection for Jake.  Actually he wasn't too bad -- a little fussy, a bit feverish, and more sleepy than normal.
bullet July 26th to Aug 1st.  We went to visit Steve's family in northeast Pennsylvania for 6½ days.  During our visit Steve and his dad took their annual trip to Indianapolis for the Brickyard 400.  Peggy and Jacob stayed in PA to spend time with Grandma Mary Ann.  They also were able to attend our niece Rachel's baptism at the First Assembly of God.  We also got a chance to catch up with Steve's high school friend Jay.
bullet July 28th and 29th.  Steve and his dad took their annual trip to Indianapolis for the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race.  This is their 14th consecutive year going to Indy.  Unfortunately their driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr, blew his engine 20 laps or so from the end of the race.  It was better than Peggy's driver, Ryan Newman, who hit the wall about 20 laps into the race.  Tony Stewart ended up winning.
bullet Aug 1st to Aug 7th.  After we left PA we spent 5½ days in Chicago visiting a host of friends.  Like we typically do, we stayed with our friends the Causa's in Geneva.  On Thursday, Peggy did a bit of work and Steve and Jacob took a road-trip to Wisconsin before meeting Steve and Lois Stack in Greektown for dinner.  On Friday we hung out for a bit before going over to the Benson's in Des Plaines for a cookout.  On Saturday went to the Brookfield Zoo with the Causas during the day and to dinner in Geneva with Mike and Mindy.  On Sunday we did a bit of shopping and went to visit Peggy's old neighbors, the Campiones, in Blue Island.  Monday was supposed to be travel day, so we stopped by Peggy's old client Seamcraft to show off Jacob and also met Peggy's friend Nancy in the city for some Chicago-style pizza before heading to the airport.  Unfortunately Mother Nature didn't cooperate with our return flight and we decided to "get stuck" overnight in Chicago versus Atlanta.  So we stayed in a hotel close to O'Hare and hopped a 6:00am flight Tuesday morning.  It was a hectic ending to a long trip, but it didn't ruin an otherwise wonderful time in the Windy City.
bullet August 8th.  Jacob's four-month doctor appointment and his second round of shots.  Jake's in the 90th percentile for weight (16lb 10oz) and 75th percentile for height (25¾ inches).  Once again, he took his shots like a man.  There was a bit of crying, but only for a minute or two.  All was well by the time he got home, where Grandma Joan was waiting to take care of him the rest of the day.
bullet August 10th to 13th.  Liz and Kate Ruppert came from Tampa to visit us for a long weekend.
bullet August 13th.  A one-day TDY for Steve -- to Atlanta early in the morning and back that evening.
bullet August 18th.  Peggy's birthday!
bullet August 30th to 31st.  Steve had to go TDY to Lockheed-Martin in Fort Worth, TX for some meetings.
bullet September 11th thru 15th.  Peggy went to Phoenix and to Puerto Penasco, Mexico to throw a bachelorette party for her best friend Kris, who's getting married in November.  This was dad's first long-term "solo" with Jake and everything went just fine.
bullet September 28th thru October 1st.  Another trip to Pennsylvania.  We went to PA under the guise of attending Steve's 20-year high school reunion, which we did on Saturday night.  But while we were there we also surprised his grandmother on her 86th birthday and sprung a surprise joint 60th birthday dinner for his mom and dad too!  Quite an eventful weekend.
bullet October 3rd.  Jacob's six-month doctor appointment and his third round of shots.  He weighed in at 19 pounds, 11 ounces this time, so he's definitely not missing any meals!  Speaking of which, he now gets to move onto having any of the "stage 1" foods, which means fruits and green vegetables in addition to the yellow veges.  Yum!
bullet October 25th to 28th.  A long-weekend visit to Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, Jake developed a stomach virus on the trip.  A couple of trips to the pediatric urgent care clinic and a lot of clothing changes (for both Jake as well as mom and dad!) were the story of the weekend.  Fortunately he wasn't too bad and we were able to get him to keep down Pedialyte (for the most part).
bullet October 31st.  Jacob's first Halloween!  No trick-or-treating for the little guy just yet.  We stayed home and passed out candy.
bullet November 1st to 5th.  Peggy and Steve went to Phoenix for Peggy's best friend Kris' wedding.  It was our first trip without Jacob, but that was a good thing because we were really busy!  On Friday, Peggy threw Kris a bridal shower.  On Saturday, Peggy was running around all morning.  The ceremony and reception were Saturday afternoon and evening.  On Sunday we slept in, then went to Kris and Ken's for brunch and to Kris' parents later in the day for dinner.  We flew back on the red-eye, getting back into Pensacola early Monday morning.
bullet November 4th.  Steve's birthday!
bullet November 5th to 9th.  When we returned from Phoenix, Peggy didn't have any down-time as she had to un-pack and re-pack right away.  Monday afternoon, she, her mom Joan and Jake left for Longboat Key (Sarasota) where Peggy attended the L-3 Communications ethics conference.  Grandma took care of Jake all week while Peggy attended the conference events and activities.
bullet November 9th to 12th.  Steve, Peggy's dad Bill and Riley went down to Sarasota to meet up with the rest of the gang for the long Veteran's Day weekend.  While there we went to the Ringling circus museum, art museum, and the Ringlings' mansion.  We also bummed around town, driving up and down the Longboat Key coast to see the sights.  Peggy's friend Liz and her daughter Kate (our new goddaughter!) live close by and came to see us, spending most of Saturday hanging out with us.
bullet December 12th to 17th.  Steve's mom and dad came to visit us after their trip to Walt Disney World.  What was supposed to be a nice, relaxing visit took a very sad turn when Steve's mom, Mary Ann, lost her battle with cancer and passed away at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center on the 16th.
bullet December 19th to 24th.  We traveled to PA on Wednesday the 17th to help make arrangements for Mom's funeral, which was the 22nd.  Needless to say it was a very sad visit.  We made the best of holding an early Christmas amongst the Milz/Krieg/Hoover clan before we left.  Actually our visit was extended by a day as our flight home on the 23rd was cancelled.  We managed to get an early flight on the 24th to make it home for Christmas.  Mary Ann wanted Jake to spend his first Christmas in his own home, and we managed to make that happen.
bullet Christmas 2008.  We made it home from PA in time to make Christmas Eve church service at Trinity.  We had a wonderful first Christmas with our son.  Of course he was quite spoiled!
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