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The Milz Family Chronicles 2009 

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bullet January.  Lots of prep work preparing for Baby Girl Milz's arrival.  Steve went TDY to DC for a couple of days.  Despite being very pregnant, Peggy managed to have some fun going out to dinner and a movie with her friend Brandi and to a girls-night-out at the Melting Pot.
bullet February.  The month started out with Steve on the road again, this time to Fort Worth to visit Lockheed-Martin.  He enjoy's going to LM these days because he can go visit his sister and her family in Allen!  Right after Steve returned we had BGM's nursery furniture delivered -- sort of.  There was some damage, so a few of the pieces had to be returned.  Not good.  The rest of the month brought more BGM preparations, although Jacob has a play date with his friend Adeline at the Niceville Children's Park.  At the end of February, some of Peggy's co-workers at L-3 CA threw her a baby shower.
bullet March.  Let the chaos begin.  Steve's dad flew into town on the 5th in anticipation of BGM's arrival the next day.  The plan was for him to watch Jake while Peggy's folks came to the hospital to follow BGM from the OR to the nursery.  Well, that didn't work out too well.  Jake got sick the night before BGM was born, so Gramma Joan stayed with him (much more experienced with a puking kid than Pop) and Grandpa and Pop came to the hospital.  BGM was born on March 6th at 12:30pm weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds, 6 ounces and measuring 21 inches long.  Believe it or not, while we had a front-runner for a name, we had to have the Birth Certificate Clerk return on Sunday the 8th before our discharge to officially name her Julia Claire Milz.  Pop departed for PA on the 9th, Grandpa headed back to Gulf Shores, and then it was just the Milz Family Four and Gramma, who stayed with us to help out (much needed and appreciated!).  Just a short few weeks later, Peggy's friend Mindy, her husband Mike, and their four boys came to visit from Chicago for Spring Break.  They stayed in a condo in Destin and we spent quite a bit of time with them during that week.
bullet April.  The day the Causa clan left to return to Chicago, the Pennsylvania contingent (Pop, Mimi and Uncle Frank) and the Texas contingent (Janet, David, Rachel and Sarah) came for what we call "party weekend".  We held Jake's 2nd birthday on Saturday the 4th with 40+ people in attendance.  The next day (Jake's actually birthday) was Julia's baptism at Trinity UMC.  Afterwards we held another party, this time with about 20 or so people.  Fortunately the whole weekend went very well and the weather cooperated nicely, especially since Jake's party involved swimming.  The PA and TX visitors headed home on the 6th and we started to recover.  Jake took swimming lessons at the Niceville YMCA again this year -- those started mid-April.  His friend Adeline was in the class with him again this year.
bullet May.  May wasn't an overly jam-packed month thank heavens.  We continued with Jake's swimming lessons through the end of the month.  We were supposed to go to Plant City for our goddaughter Kate's first communion, but that trip just didn't work out.  Julia's godparents -- Bridget and John Miller -- along with their at-the-time foster son Benjamin came to visit us at the end of the month for a long weekend.
bullet June.  Things started to get hectic again in June.  By now Peggy was back to work and Julia was in the excellent care of Ms. Brenda during the day (along with Jake of course).  Peggy volunteered to teach Vacation Bible School at church again this year, so that took a lot of time and effort for the better part of a week.  When VBS ended, Steve's friend Dave (from HS and college), his wife Julie, and their kids Evan and Emma came to visit for a long weekend after being in Panama City for a conference.  We had Julia's three-month photos mid-month.  At the end of the month, Steve went TDY again, this time to California.  When Steve returned, Liz and Kate came up from Plant City to visit for the Fourth of July weekend.
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