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As you all saw, our photographers Ed and Donna Morgan of Grand Photography took what seemed to be a million photos during the wedding ceremony and reception.  They came out great!  We ended up with over 500 edited proofs.

How to order prints
You can order prints directly from Grand Photography.  Within the PDF documents, each photo has a number beneath it.  This is how you to refer to the photo for ordering purposes.

Since our customer gallery isn't online at the Grand Photography website any longer, you'll need to contact Ed or Donna to order photos.  Their email is grandp --at-- (replace the -- at -- with an @) and their phone number is (850) 346-7286.  Tell them you're interested in the "Bowling/Milz wedding" on March 11th, 2006.  Give them the photo numbers and tell them the numbers refer to the edited proofs from the master CD.

If you have any problems or questions ordering photos, send us an email (see our contact info) and we'll help you out.
  1. Rehearsal (not by Grand Photo)
  2. Before the Ceremony
  3. Getting Ready
  4. Steve and the Guys
  5. Peggy and the Girls
  6. The Ceremony
  7. Post-Ceremony Photos
  8. Our beach photos
  9. Reception photos
  10. The Oasis (not by Grand Photo)
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